Whether you are a long time exerciser or just getting started there are, I believe,

three things to take into account.

Number one is from Sir Isaac Newton. Every object in a state of uniform motion will

remain in that state of motion unless an external  force  acts on it. If you are not in motion

and you are just getting started your body is not going to like the force that is being applied

to put it in motion. You have to hang in there and stay at it until you body gets used to

exercising. As we have all heard, it takes 21 days to form a habit. If you are a current

exerciser and you want to continue to improve on your fitness you have to continue to

increase the force or demand you apply to your body.

This leads to number two. You need a plan. Yes showing up at the gym and wondering

around from one machine to the other to do your resistance training or going to your

favorite treadmill and doing 30 minutes at speed 4 is better than sitting on the couch.

But are you getting closer to your goal or simply maintaining the status quo? You need

to track what you do and try to do a little more each time you work out. One more rep on

your split squat or 10 more MEP’s on your cardio workout. The point is, if you do not

track what you are doing how do you plan on improving?

Finally, number 3, your plan. Your plan should lead you closer to your

stated fitness goal, and the biggest pit fall I see in goal setting is a lack of immediacy. For example, if

you want to lose 15 lbs in the next two months. Two months is a long way away, so instead let’s

get 3 lbs off in the next two weeks. Shorter term goals will force you to focus on what

you are doing now to stay on track. If I am looking out two months I can just go ahead

and have that dessert on Friday because I have plenty of time to work it off. Shorten the

time to increase the focus!

So if you need help getting in motion, developing a plan or setting goals; find a fitness

professional to help you. It’s what they do.