Time, the great equalizer. Something we can not buy, borrow or create more of no matter what our situation in life may be. We all only get 168 hours a week and it seems like that is never enough.

Many of my clients, family and friends tell me they simply do have enough time to work out at all or to work out more.

Where does it all go? Let’s do some math. If you take 168 hours and decide you do not want to spend any of your weekend time working out that removes 48 hours and leaves you with 120 hours over five days.

Allocate for a 10 hour work day 5 days a week and you lose another 50 hours leaving you with 70. Sleep 8 hours per night 5 days a week and there are 40 more hours leaving you with 30. Let’s allow for 3 hours a day to just do the business of living, cooking, shopping, taking the kids to school etc…

We now are left with 15 hours over 5 days that is currently unaccounted for, if you were to work out for 45 minutes a day for each of those days your total time commitment is 3.75 hours.

Ask yourself do you really not have the time or are you not allocating time to insure your future health and wellness.

I realize time is a valuable commodity but what is more valuable than good health?